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EG0593W Electronic Equipment Sealant

EG0593W Electronic Equipment SealantWhite color De-alcohol type Low odor, non-yellowing Optimal for sealing and b

EG0527B Microwave Oven Sealant

EG0527B Microwave Oven SealantBlack color and special designed for microwave ovensk, low viscosity, excellent adhesi

EG0598H Silicone Flange Sealant

EG0598H Silicone Flange SealantBlack color, fast tack free and adhesive residue can be easily disassembled Suitabl

EG0598E Silicone Flange Sealant

EG0598E Silicone Flange SealantBlack color, good flowability, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and excellent

EG0598 Silicone Flange Sealant

EG0598 Silicone Flange SealantBlack color, low viscosity, excellent adhesion to oil surface, and good chemical resi

EG0596 Silicone Flange Sealant

EG0596 Silicone Flange SealantGrey color, low viscosity and excellent adhesion to oil surfaces Suitable for sealin

EG0587 Silicone Flange Sealant

EG0587Silicone Flange SealantBlue color, medium viscosity, high strength, high flexibility, and reliable adhesion Ex

EG0527W Silicone Flange Sealant

EG0527W Silicone Flange SealantWhite color, excellent weather resistance, high strength, erosion resistance, sulfur hexa

EG0903 Special Purpose Diluent

EG0903 Special Purpose DiluentEJ0601Is a volatile methylsiloxane (VMS) liquid,which does not contain ozone-depleting

EG0302 Acrylic Coating

EG0302 ACRYLIC COATINGENIENT EG0302 is a clear protective lacquer, that is the Universal Protective Film for print

EJ0306 Silicone Coating

EJ0306 is one-part silicone coating of low viscosity, cured in room-temperature Work temperature is -40℃~200℃