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ENIENT s powerful penetrating chain oils have been developed for applications where the lubricant penetrates to reach the pins and bushings located within roller chains Additional Applications include hinges, castors, rollers, bolts, screw assemblies

EL0142 Hi-Temp Fluid

EL0142 Hi-Temp Fluid is a combination of synthetic oils and submicron molybdenum disulfide for maximum lubrication of all moving parts on all chain designs The synthetic fluids have a powerful cleaning action that breaks down and dissolves prior carbon

EL0143 Hi-Temp Fluid

EL0143 Hi-Temp Fluid is a medium viscosity, semi-synthetic, high temperature chain lubricant Excellent adhesion, good spreading properties and superior anti-wear protection

EL0144 High-Temp Fluid

EL0144 High-Temp Fluid is formulated with 100% synthetic fluids that will insure clean chain and track operation This economical High Temperature Chain Oil uses the highest quality ester, high viscosity index oils

EL0145 & EL0146 & EL0147

EL0145 & EL0146 & EL0147 Hi-Temp Synthetic Chain Oil are applied to high-temperature ovens, Ttunnels, dryers, tenter frames, shrink wrap machines, textile auxiliaries, steel, plastic, printing and woodworking processes

EL64 Air Compressor Oil Series

EL64 series of compressor oils are ENIENT’s family of semi-synthetic oil which offer many of the advantages of a fully synthetic oil at a lower cost

EC0301 Electronic Degreaser

EC0301 Electronic Degreaser is a strong non-flammable cleaner ideal for removal of heavy oils, greases and handlin


EL0225 BRAKE LUBRICANT is a metal-free permanent lubricant for brake installation Far less paste formation lubricants for brakes must withstand heavy loading and guarantee long-term reliability EL0225 BRAKE LUBRICANT ideally satisfies these requirements

EG0593W Electronic Equipment Sealant

EG0593W Electronic Equipment SealantWhite color De-alcohol type Low odor, non-yellowing Optimal for sealing and b


ENIENT EL705WH thermal grease has excellent insulation performance, anti-aging performance, waterproof and moisture-proof


ENIENT EL609 vacuum grease is a synthetic oil and added with high effective additives such as anti-oxidation, anti-rust and structure improvement agent It has high and low temperature resistance, excellent lubrication sealing ability, and is especially su